Nov 26, 2023Liked by Andreas Welsch

That was a good discussion, Andreas. What are your thoughts on whether the professional interfacing with teams or clients who need AI deployments themselves need to have an AI/technical background? Can someone be adept in consulting without having the engineering depth and still be effective?

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Great question, Matt! I think it depends on the scope of the project and what an individual is able to cover (or says that they are able to). If it’s about selecting the best model/ algorithm or building a model yourself, I’d convinced that consultants will need to have technical skills. If it is about identifying opportunities for leveraging AI within the business or within a process, it is much more important to select the right process/ step/ KPIs to start with and to have an understanding what to leverage AI for (rather than the technology/ components of the stack underneath). If you are a consultant who has expertise in both technology AND business, you have the perfect skillset and can go either way.

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